When you’re looking for grout and tile cleaning, you’re going to want to work with only the best. See how The Groutsmith stacks up with our competitors:

1. We Do it all by Hand

Most tile and grout cleaning companies, especially carpet cleaning companies, use heavy steam cleaning machines that can heat up tile. This can cause cracking, loose tiles, and grout degradation. We scrub, clean, seal, and caulk ALL BY HAND.

2. We Use Proprietary Products

Our products have been developed in-house over 20 years and are considered the industry best to clean and seal your tile and grout.

3. We Were a Pioneer of Color Sealing

We offer over 50 standard colors or can color match any color grout.

4. We Only Service Grout and Tile

We are not a carpet cleaning company or handyman who dabbles in grout and tile. We are specialists.

5. We Save You Money

Our tile floor and shower restoration process costs around 10% of the cost of replacing your tiles. Keep the other 90% in your pocket!

There are always times and places where it’s OK to skimp, but your grout and tile should not be one of those instances. Treat your home or business flooring with the care and expertise it deserves — contact The Groutsmith for the best in grout and tile cleaning.