1. New Modern Kitchen With Tiled Backsplash

    Benefits of Granite Countertops

    Granite countertops. The name alone sounds expensive. But for as pricey as they can be, they’re a worthy investment that, in some ways, can practically pay for themselves. Find out why granite is a great option for your home, and choose The Groutsmith for natural stone and granite sealing, tile restoration, and so much more. They Last Forever Well, nothing lasts forever, but granite is pretty cl…Read More

  2. Kitchen Sink Closeup With Backsplash

    Porous Materials in Your Home

    Rocks are strong and dense. They’re shaped by water over a long period of time, but your rock countertops should be fine, right? The truth comes as a surprise to many. As How Stuff Works explains, “By its nature, granite is moisture-resistant -- however, it's also porous.” And granite is just one example — there are countless surfaces in your home that are all porous. This means that liqui…Read More

  3. Why Choose Tile Banner

    Why Choose Tile?

    People gravitate towards laminate and hardwood flooring, but at The Groutsmith, we know that tile is often underlooked as a flooring choice. Tile has countless benefits and especially in Florida, makes for an exceptional flooring material to work with. Whether remodeling your current home or building a new one, see why tile is a great choice, and work with The Groutsmith for tile cleaning, restora…Read More

  4. Different Types of Tile Banner

    Types of Tile

    Maybe you’re building a home or maybe you’re renovating, but no matter what, at some point or another you’re probably considering using tile. Tile is both elegant and durable, making it an exceptional material to work with. Flooring, showers, backsplash — the options for tile are practically endless! Once you have an idea of implementing tile into your living spaces, the next step is to co…Read More

  5. Surfaces in Need of Grout Cleaning

    Unsuspecting Surfaces In Need Of Grout Cleaning

    When it comes to tile repair and grout cleaning, we tend to think of the basics — the floor is usually our go-to. Yet there are countless areas in our home that require proper upkeep and maintenance. We tend to overlook some of these surfaces, and this neglect can lead to them wearing down faster than normal. At The Groutsmith, we want you to have tile and grout that lasts for years and years …Read More

  6. Supporting Mexico Beach

    Supporting Mexico Beach

    Hurricane Michael brought forth unspeakable damage to Bay County. The quaint seaside town of Mexico Beach was decimated, the aftermath making headlines across the country. We at The Groutsmith are sending forth our strongest condolences during this time. Even when everyone is safe, even when lives are protected, it doesn’t shake the fact that this is such a time of loss. Places will always stand…Read More

  7. Keeping Kids Safe on Tile Banner

    Keeping Kids Safe On Tile

    The tile flooring in your home looks great, it gleams in the Northern Florida sunlight and makes your kitchen look beautiful. Your kids are laughing in the living room, you’re sipping on some coffee, and it’s a perfect Saturday morning. Suddenly that living room laughter turns into a game of tag, and before you can call out a “no running!” reminder, they’ve burst into the kitchen, and SM…Read More

  8. How to Make Your Tiles Last Longer Banner

    How to Make Your Tiles Last Longer

    If you’re a resident of Florida, you likely have ceramic or stone tile. While there are so many benefits to tile, including its ability to withstand the heat and humidity the Sunshine State is known for, tile ages and requires some TLC from time-to-time. Is your tile flooring in need of some extra attention? At Groutsmith, we offer professional grout cleaning and tile restoration to keep your fl…Read More

  9. What Is the Best Flooring to Install in Florida Banner

    Which is The Best Flooring To Install in Florida?

    Living in Florida brings its own unique climate to the US — the seasons slightly change, but extreme weather is seen mostly in the summer with sizzling, triple-digit temperatures and humid air that makes you feel like you’re breathing in silk with each breath, not to mention the hurricanes that bring heavy and unrelenting rains. Have you ever stopped and thought about how this impacts the mate…Read More