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4 Signs You Need Grout Repair

Subtlety in deterioration is a slow toll on the appearance of our homes. While floors serve their purpose well in being walked on each day, it’s hard to notice the gradual accumulation of dirt. Thankfully, Groutsmith of NW Florida has the keen eye for evaluation to where you will never have to worry about your floor tiles looking awful again.



Sometimes too much water on your grout will create growing discoloration. And, if it takes too long to notice, your bleach-dipped toothbrush isn’t going to do the trick. Groutsmith has all of the tools necessary to do the job for you and get the look of your tiles back on track.



These tile wrinkles of imperfection are the worst! And while the application of caulk can fix the trick at times, Groutsmith will fix all degrees of imperfection with professional care and a guaranteed seal of quality.



There are some forms of grout cracks that are considered “normal”, such as hairline cracks. But all grout cracks should be evaluated and addressed as soon as possible, as the issue will only become worse over time. Always take a small amount of time to look at the joints of your tiles. If it’s severe upon evaluation, don’t worry, Groutsmith will have it easily fixed in no time.


Loose Tiles

“Simply remove the loose tiles” is something you’ll most likely find upon your first web search for addressing the problem. While the answer is technically true, the in-depth, nitty-gritty work needed for this process is a hassle that we gladly will take off of your shoulders. Just relax and share any ideas you have with us!

It’s hard to not stress about the subtle cracks and breakdown of your grout, but the ability to do these quick, effortless checks will save you a lot of stress. Remember that no matter the damage, Groutsmith will take of your problems. Contact us for a free estimate today!