Grout and tile cleaning is at its best when you have a team with incredible expertise and equally incredible products that can make a difference. At The Groutsmith, we use our proprietary line of Groutsmith products developed over 20+ years to clean, seal, and restore your tile and grout:

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Groutsmith Super Green Clean

Our standard grout and tile cleaning solution. We mix it to match the dirt level and hand scrub your tile and grout. This product is only for deep tile and grout restorations or occasional use.

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Groutsmith Routine Clean Gold

Our pH neutral cleaner available for purchase here to homeowners and businesses to clean tile and grout. Most other products sold to consumers are acidic and can damage grout, or contain waxes that, over time, lock in dirt and moisture.

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Groutsmith Restoration Sealer

Our color sealer/resealer available in over 50 standard colors. Or we can custom color match ANY color grout. Comes with a one year warranty. A 10-year extended warranty can be purchased.

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Groutsmith Sanded Color Acrylic and Silicone Caulk

Our color-matched caulks used for repairs and recaulking in over 50 standard colors. We can also custom color-match.

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Groutsmith Slip -Resist

Our micro-etching solution that makes slippery tile a thing of the past. You won’t even know it’s there on dry tile, but once wet, it takes effect to make skin grab the tile. Great for showers, hospitals, gyms, nursing homes, around pools, or anywhere you want to increase the safety of tiles.

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Groutsmith Micron Coat

Our grout AND tile sealer. It creates a clear coat over tile and grout sealer to completely protect your tile and grout. Great for high water areas or problems with original installations.

At The Groutsmith, we don’t let our ego get in the way of doing the best job we can for you. There are some existing products that we just haven’t figured out how to beat and we use them when necessary. Our goal is to offer tile and grout restoration that restores your space to like-new condition, or better! Contact us today to get your grout and tile cleaning done The Groutsmith way. We provide service throughout Bay, Walton, Okaloosa, Escambia, and Santa Rosa counties here in Northwest Florida.