The Groutsmith is Northwest Florida’s source for grout sealing services. Count on us to seal grout where you need it most, ensuring that your tile lasts for decades, while improving the look of your home, and removing the risk of staining your grout. If you’re ready to get started, we’d be happy to provide you with a free quote for your upcoming project. You can also continue reading to discover the benefits of grout sealing and to find the answers to common questions that we encounter.

The Benefits of Grout Sealing


Most grout is porous, which means that water can make its way into the material, where it can cause cracks, harbor mildew, and cause other problems. Applying a grout sealant will protect the grout by creating a waterproof barrier that works hand-in-hand with your tiles. Waterproofing your tile surfaces is essential in any 

space where moisture may be a problem, including showers, kitchens, bathroom flooring, etc. We even recommend grout sealing in other spaces where water isn’t an issue, since the humidity here in Northwest Florida can be high enough to damage grout.

Stain Prevention

Again, grout is porous, which means that it can absorb any liquids on the surface of the grout. So, if you end up spilling a cup of coffee on your new tile floor, the grout can absorb the coffee, creating a stain that is impossible to remove. Grout sealants keep liquids on the surface of the grout, where they’ll bead up, instead of seeping into the grout itself. That means that most household liquids won’t have a chance to cause a stain.


Grout sealants will make your surfaces easier to clean, and they can improve the look of your surfaces. We can apply a colored grout sealant if you’d like to modify the look of your grout, or we can use a clear sealant if you’d like to retain the same coloration of the grout. Clear sealants dry to the same tone and hue as the original grout.

Resist Cracking and Chipping

Over time, your grout may crack or chip, especially if it endures heavy traffic. Fortunately, you can reduce the risk of cracking and chipping with a sealant. This protective coating provides a bit of protection against impacts, and, since it’s waterproof, water won’t weaken the grout to the point that it may crack. Unfortunately, grout sealing won’t make your grout totally impervious to breaks that can be caused by poorly installed tiles and heavy impacts.

Greater Longevity

Your tile and grout will last longer with a sealant. Without a sealant, your grout will wear down in a matter of years. With a sealant, and continual maintenance, your grout and tiles can last a lifetime. Be sure to have your tiles inspected every couple years to ensure that the sealant is still performing as it should — you can learn more about how to test your sealant in the section, How can I tell if my grout is sealed? below.