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Why Choose Groutsmith To Restore Tile Surfaces

“If you’ve been putting off getting your tiles repaired, it’s time you call the experts at Groutsmith of NWFL.” Having to plan out a whole weekend while researching and buying the proper supplies before the work even begins is something no one wants to do! Groutsmith will take all of that off your plate with a guarantee of the best quality service done to your home for its needed polish. Explore our website today!


Years of Experience

Groutsmith has been a household name since 1992 thanks to Jonathan Smith. With the professional drive to keep the community clean, northwest Florida has become accustomed to the high standards of top quality service in restoration services.


Trained & Certified

Tile and grout cleaning deals will often be a tack on from other companies that specialize in other fields such as carpet cleaning. Our team not only knows how to clean, but they know how to do it all by hand without the need for machines. This accumulates to a focused service that prioritizes getting the fine details of tile restoration correct and looking great.


High-Quality Products

Various dirt levels per tile? Our “super green clean” solution will match whatever is needed to deep clean and get the job done. Not only is quality our standard, but safety for our customers as well. With our pH neutral and non-wax products, dirt struggles to lock in while you continue to not breathe fumes in your home. It’s not just for efficiency either, our sanded color acrylic and silicone caulk comes in more than 50 standard colors to fit the look you want.



Not only is our free estimate available at any time, but we are open to your requests and questions to fit what you need. Our tile floor and shower restoration process cost around 10% of the cost of replacing your tiles.

As specialists in the trade, we hone our craft for the best in tile cleaning, repair, and restoration. With products that have been developed in-house for over 20 years, reach out today and see what we’re made of.