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When it comes to tile repair and grout cleaning, we tend to think of the basics — the floor is usually our go-to. Yet there are countless areas in our home that require proper upkeep and maintenance. We tend to overlook some of these surfaces, and this neglect can lead to them wearing down faster than normal.

At The Groutsmith, we want you to have tile and grout that lasts for years and years — not something that needs to be replaced and cost you a fortune. You can rely on our tile repair and grout cleaning to keep your home’s surfaces looking better and lasting longer. Find out which surfaces could use a visit from The Groutsmith, and contact us to get started.


Showers (hopefully) get a lot of foot traffic, which means they can wear down faster than other areas of the home. Minerals from your home’s treated water supply get left behind and build up on the tile and grout, leaving a residue that’s tough to tackle. Tile cleaning and grout restoration from The Groutsmith can result in at least a decade (if not two) of having a highly functional and beautiful shower.


Having backsplash tile in your kitchen adds enhanced value and texture to the room. However, backsplash is no stranger to the grease, oil, and food particles that fly around the kitchen when you’re cooking. All of these things can build up on your tile and alter the integrity and look. A tile and grout cleaning can make it look better than ever.


Alright, so you probably already know your floor tiles will need upkeep, but there are plenty of treatment options to help them function at their best. An anti-slip treatment is essential (particularly if you have outdoor tiling). Not only does it help people stay safe on the tile (which is certainly the most important feature of this treatment), but it also can protect the tile — someone crashing into tile at a weird angle can break it, and this can lead to further problems.

Grout cleaning and restoration are further options that can ensure your tile is built to last. We also offer sealing to ensure that your grout won’t wear down and your tiles won’t loosen.


While brick or stone might be the immediate assumption for fireplace materials, tile has become increasingly popular (and beautiful, we might add). Whether used as the frame that supports the mantle or the flooring that a fireplace grate rests on, tile is a great option for fireplaces. If your home has authentic tile with your fireplace (or if you’re thinking about making this a new look for your home), it’s important to manage the tile the same way that you would with any other tiled surface.

These are just a few surfaces where you might find tile in your home. Even if we don’t think about maintaining tile in the same way as we would with the floor, it’s still important to provide proper upkeep. If you have further questions about the tile and grout in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Groutsmith! We look forward to hearing from you.