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Maybe you’re building a home or maybe you’re renovating, but no matter what, at some point or another you’re probably considering using tile. Tile is both elegant and durable, making it an exceptional material to work with. Flooring, showers, backsplash — the options for tile are practically endless! Once you have an idea of implementing tile into your living spaces, the next step is to consider which type of tile is the best one for you.

The Groutsmith works with all types of tile for grout cleaning and tile repair, so you can rely on us for knowledge on which tile will best meet your design needs. Learn about the different types of tile, and contact our specialists for tile and grout sealing, rebonding, shower repair, and so much more!


Stone tiles are great because they can withstand a lot of foot traffic due to their durability. When it comes to stone, there are two common types of looks that people go for.


Natural stone tiles can come from a number of different types of stone (such as limestone), but they are unique in their shape. They’re usually rough cut and imperfect, making them stand out as a rustic and earthy element to a bathroom. While the benefits come from the natural look and feel of this type of tile, the downside is that natural stones are affected by water. A water-resistant treatment from The Groutsmith can do the trick — we can help with grout cleaning, too!


Marble or granite tiles give quite the opposite effect that natural stone tiles do. They bring a lot of richness to a room and give off more of a “fancy” feel. Like natural stones, however, this type of tile can take a lot of impact. Check with the specialists at The Groutsmith to see what treatment recommendations we can offer to ensure your tile is in great shape.

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Glass tiles are excellent for design and decor. They can’t keep up with a lot of foot traffic, so it’s best to not install glass tiles for your floor. Bathrooms look incredible with glass tile, whether as backsplash or as a type of decorative pattern. They also won’t be stained or damaged when interacting with water or other liquids.


As Better Homes & Gardens explains, “Ceramic and porcelain tile is created from a mixture of clays that have been pressed into shape and fired in a kiln at high temperatures.” Once glazed, ceramic or porcelain tiles are perfect bathrooms and showers. It’s easy to design with these types of tiles as well — they’re available in countless types of colors, patterns, and shapes.


Metal tiles aren’t something you often find, which can definitely add to the appeal. They’re not great for flooring, since metal can be pretty easily worked and warped, and can also be affected by water. However, metal tiles can add a unique design to any room, and can work as backsplash in certain situations as well.

No matter what type of tiles you go with, The Groutsmith can help them last longer and look better with our grout cleaning and tile repair services. See for yourself the difference that’s made — contact us today to get started!