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Signs You Need Your Grout Sealed

It is often easy to overlook the grout sealing in your home. It is something that is usually out of sight that you utilize everyday without thinking much about it. However, if your grout isn’t properly sealed, it can cause major issues for your tile, existing grout, and any materials that are below the surface. When this damage occurs, it can be expensive, time consuming, and involve extensive and messy repair. It can even cause potential permanent damage to your home when water and other liquids aren’t kept at bay.

That is where The Groutsmith, Northwestern Florida’s premier grout cleaning, repair, and restoration service, comes into play. Since 1992, the team at The Groutsmith has worked to serve the Florida panhandle with excellent grout, tile, and shower cleaning services so that you don’t have to worry about the potential pitfalls of worn-down grout. Learn a bit more about our team, and read below about signs that your grout is in need of repair. Call us today for a free consultation!


The Water Test

One of the easiest ways to tell if you are in need of grout repair or replacement involves a little bit of water. If you drip water on your grout or tile and it maintains its color, then you are likely in the clear when it comes to your sealant. However, if the color of either changes or the water is quickly absorbed, it likely means that you are in need of grout sealing services.


Checking Your Shower

The whole point of grout sealing is to keep out unwanted moisture from objects like tile and areas underneath your fixtures where water can do significant damage over time and potentially necessitate the need for hefty replacements and repairs. Obviously, the shower is a commonly used area where water is consumed constantly. Regularly keep an eye on the grout in your shower and make sure that it gets repaired quickly if you notice issues.


Noticeable Wear and Tear

This issue seems to be the most common and easy to spot, but it still requires your attention and diligence. Grout can go overlooked until an issue arises, so briefly checking it for visible deterioration is a great way to get ahead of what has the potential to cause bigger problems going forward. A simple visual and physical check of the sealed grout will tell you if you need to have the experts handle a repair.


Permanent Stains

It is best practice to perform regular maintenance on your sealed grout. Keeping it clean can help you determine whether you are just dealing with dirt and grime buildup that is normal when you utilize an area frequently. However, if you start to notice that simple cleaning solutions aren’t quite getting the job done and your grout is still discolored after multiple efforts, it might be time to call in the professionals to clean and reseal your grout.

If you start to notice any small issues relating to the grout sealing in your home, it is imperative that you act quickly before the damage can spread further. In the long run, it could end up saving you the cost of pricey repair or restoration services or significant damage to your home. Get in contact with a grout cleaning and sealing service that has been serving the panhandle reliably for over two decades and make sure that your grout is in good shape. Call The Groutsmith today at (850) 367-3100 for your complimentary quote!