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The tile flooring in your home looks great, it gleams in the Northern Florida sunlight and makes your kitchen look beautiful. Your kids are laughing in the living room, you’re sipping on some coffee, and it’s a perfect Saturday morning. Suddenly that living room laughter turns into a game of tag, and before you can call out a “no running!” reminder, they’ve burst into the kitchen, and SMACK — your youngest is suddenly on the floor.

This is not a scenario that any parent likes to envision, but it’s an important one to keep in mind for anyone who has tile flooring. As is true for any slick surface, there are a number of hazards that come with the territory. In today’s blog, the tile repair and restoration experts from The Groutsmith are going to give you some tips to keep your family safe, and hopefully free from any potential urgent care visits. Get the information you need, and call our Groutsmiths for tile cleaning, grout cleaning, and so much more!

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Who doesn’t want to slide across the kitchen floor with their socks on and an oversized white button-up shirt? It’s a fun time — of course, that is until your youngest has spent the past 10 minutes consecutively screaming after a fall. Florida is luckily not a place where you have to worry about socks for the majority of the year, but when those cooler winter days do come, make sure you remind your kiddos about being a little extra cautious. For very young children, like toddlers who are just figuring out how to walk and run, there are socks that come with grips on the bottom to help provide some extra traction.


No matter what, and as hard as we might try, we can’t control everything. As safe and preventative as we can try to be, our kids are going to fall and get the bumps, scrapes, and bruises that childhood brings. While it’s true that not everything is in our control, having some ground rules can help prevent certain accidents from happening.

From the start, instill a “no running in the house” rule for your kids to adhere to. Mention how there are more things they can run into, more objects could be harmed or destroyed, and that running should happen outside of the house. There’s a good chance this won’t be a perfect rule — sometimes you just have to sprint up the stairs to get the best hide-and-seek spot! — but make this a standard in your home. Especially when you have tile, this can be great at preventing some injuries that might have otherwise unnecessarily happened.


Fortunately, tile is so durable that it often doesn’t need more than some light dusting, a run through with a Swiffer, and maybe an occasional mop or professional tile cleaning every now and then. With that in mind, sometimes preventing injury is as simple as letting your family know when some cleaning is going to happen — or having them help out so they’re even more aware! There’s a reason businesses put those folded yellow plastic signs out when they’re cleaning. Extra precautions make it easier to make safer decisions.


When that broken tile is protruding out from that spot by the dishwasher, it might not seem like much at first. Or when that backyard patio space has the gaping hole where a tile once was, you might simply try to get your family to stay away from the area. This, however, is not fixing the problem, and will almost certainly result in injuries later. If not from your family directly, guests, family members, and any other visitor who’s not aware is at risk.

When you have broken tiles or tiles that are in need of repair, make a point to get it sooner, rather than later. By pushing off that much-needed tile repair, you’re not only enabling potential injuries to take place, but you could cause additional damage to the surrounding areas — meaning you’ll have to get more tile repair done later.

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Luckily for you, The Groutsmith has the exact services you need to make sure your tile is in excellent form. At the very least, this is making your home or patio area look flawless and stylish, and definitely inviting — broken, overgrown tile is not quite as appealing for people to traipse through. But not only can tile repair and restoration make your space look incredible, it can also prevent injuries. Of course, some of that is not the tile’s fault — it’s not our fault our tile cleaning is so spotless and shiny! — but in some instances, there are things you can do to protect your kids from accidents. Call The Groutsmith today to get the best in tile repair services!