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If you’re a resident of Florida, you likely have ceramic or stone tile. While there are so many benefits to tile, including its ability to withstand the heat and humidity the Sunshine State is known for, tile ages and requires some TLC from time-to-time.

Is your tile flooring in need of some extra attention? At Groutsmith, we offer professional grout cleaning and tile restoration to keep your flooring in tip-top shape. For tips on how to make your tile last longer, join us in today’s post!

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Tile flooring has longevity, but it needs a tile cleaning now and then!

Your flooring stretches and covers one of the largest areas of your home, making a statement about the condition and health of this area — your flooring tells people more about your home than you think! If you want a space that is clean and aesthetically pleasing, read more below.

Preventative maintenance – When you take measures to prevent wear and tear, your tile will hold up much longer and look nicer. Flooring deteriorates over time and is common because abrasive particles fall on the tile and get dragged around and penetrate the surface, causing both small and large scratches. By employing preventative maintenance such as sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping on a weekly basis (or more), you help contain the particles and lessen the wear and tear.

Choose quality over quantity – This conventional wisdom is true for most things, but especially tile. It’s worth it to pay more for higher quality tile, thus avoiding having to replace it or update it in a couple of years.

Tile protection – Tile is wonderful because it makes cleaning up liquids a breeze, however, it can be vulnerable to stains and scratches. Using a tile sealant can protect the material and keep it from stains and aging. Tile professionals recommend a sealant service annually.

Be mindful of pets – If you have dogs, their nails can destroy tile and quickly age the tile if left unkempt. Be mindful of your animals and always make sure their nails are trimmed to prevent scratches and unnecessary wear and tear.

Use rugs – Most people use rugs as a decorative piece on tile, but they also serve a purpose. Throw rugs protect your tile especially in high traffic areas, and are easy to throw in the laundry if there is a spill. Place the rugs in areas prone to damage and heavy foot traffic.

Routine maintenance – Preventative maintenance is paired beautifully with routine maintenance for tile longevity. Calling your local tile cleaners at least once a year for a professional grout and tile cleaning will keep your floors looking their best and give them the opportunity to last much longer.

For tile longevity do the following:

  • Practice preventative maintenance
  • Choose quality over quantity
  • Get a tile protectant
  • Be mindful of pets
  • Use rugs
  • Call for routine maintenance

At Groutsmith, we care for tile and grout in the NW Florida region. We want you to get the most life out of your tile which means routine maintenance from us! Call us today for a tile cleaning or repair!