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Granite countertops. The name alone sounds expensive. But for as pricey as they can be, they’re a worthy investment that, in some ways, can practically pay for themselves. Find out why granite is a great option for your home, and choose The Groutsmith for natural stone and granite sealing, tile restoration, and so much more.


Well, nothing lasts forever, but granite is pretty close. As we mentioned in a previous blog, granite is so tough and so durable that it usually outlives the home or business in which it resides. Since it’s a natural stone, it can last for at least a hundred years — truly, we don’t really know how long it can last since it usually outlives us!

Having a reliable countertop material means you’ll basically never have to replace it. Investing up front now can save you tons of money from having to replace countertops that are made from materials that easily scratch or chip away.


Did you know if you were to cut something on a granite countertop, it would actually dull the knife? Granite isn’t a surface to mess with! Granted, you’ll need to do granite sealing in order to keep it moisture resistant, but granite is a super durable material that also does well with high heat. You won’t have to worry about chipping or scratching your granite countertops, either. It’s ranked just behind diamonds as being one of the hardest materials to scratch.

Considering how much traffic your kitchen experiences, you want something that’s extremely durable. Granite is the surface that absolutely delivers. If you think you’re saving money by going with a cheaper option, that’s not the case. Which brings us to our next point…


When you eventually sell your home, granite countertops add value to your home and can mean a higher selling price. To make money off of your home, you need to continually invest in it, and granite countertops are a way to do so. Potential buyers will be much more inclined to buy your home if they like what they see. Granite is a valuable investment, and while you might pay more upfront, it’s a material that could eventually pay for itself.

Installing granite countertops can run anywhere from $40-$200 per square foot, but much of this relies on size and thickness of the granite. In some instances, granite tiles can be a less expensive option that still allows you to experience this natural stone’s benefits.


When considering vinyl or other composite material surfaces with granite, there’s simply no comparison. Granite gives such a chic and sleek look, adding timeless beauty to every kitchen. Having a natural stone all polished and toned in your home adds a level of grace that’s unparalleled. Not to mention, every single piece of granite is unique. You won’t get a mass-produced surface that provides no inherent value.

But like we said, granite doesn’t just look amazing — the functionality is incomparable. Saving money with cheap surfaces will only hurt you in the long run. In fact, it’s likely more expensive to get countertops that aren’t natural stones in the long run. It’s like buying a car — a cheap option will inevitably cost you in expensive repairs and tow trucks than investing in a reliable car that can last for a decade or longer.


Now that we’ve sold you on granite countertops, it’s a good time to remind you that your countertops need granite sealing from The Groutsmith to truly be worth the investment. We utilize professional sealants and rely on years of experience, ensuring that your granite countertops will last.

Ideally, you should reseal your granite every year, but part of this depends on how porous the granite is. Refer to our sealant page to see how you can test your granite to see when it needs to be resealed. And as always, get in touch with The Groutsmith for any other questions you may have! Serving Okaloosa, Bay, and Walton counties, we thank you for continuing to choose our business for all your groutsmith needs. We look forward to hearing from you!


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